The work of the Brabant mystic Hadewijch is the starting point for the meeting between Holland Baroque and the Bastarda Trio. What do the teachings of a Brabant medieval mystic sound like? How can ‘minne’ and ‘orewoet’ be transformed into music?

We set to work with playfulness, fantasy and respect. In addition to Hadewijch’s own oeuvre, we draw on various sources: Gregorian chants, Renaissance music and the work of predecessor and soulmate Hildegard von Bingen.

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The fact that Hadewijch died long before the Baroque emerged should not be an obstacle: in Hadewijch’s time the choice of using six violins would probably have been welcomed. Symbolism, mysticism and sensuality: welcome to the world of Orewoet, Minne and Beminnen.

Bastarda Trio (Poland) plays brand new interpretations of centuries-old music. Thanks to their personal views on the old sources, supplemented with improvisations, they caused a furore at festivals and stages in no time. A Polish trio that has existed for such a short time and has hardly been heard outside of Poland? Holland Baroque’s cellist Tomasz Pokrzywiński is the secret asset. He is the driving force behind Bastarda Trio as well as being invaluable to Holland Baroque.

Orewoet met Bastarda Trio
Orewoet met Bastarda Trio

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