Support our musicians 25 January 2022

Support our musicians

The online concert 'Minne' is offered to you for free. As a token of appreciation, you can support our musicians with a one-time contribution.
Christmas Tour: The Birth of Gospel 30 October 2021

Christmas Tour: The Birth of Gospel

Christmas, gospel and baroque, in other words 'The Birth of Gospel'. Holland Baroque and the world-famous London Community Gospel Choir trace the path back to the earliest gospel songs and celebrate Christmas according to old traditions in a brand-new combination. Concerts: Utrecht (December 21) and Arnhem (December 22).
Brabant 1653: order now! 10 March 2021

Brabant 1653: order now!

This album contains only a small selection from a very extensive oeuvre of Brabant's monastic repertoire. There is so much to discover. Listen to works by Benedictus à Sancto Josepho, Cornelis Verdonck, Carl Rosier, and Herman Hollanders.
Tracing Brabant's musical treasure trove 21 February 2021

Tracing Brabant's musical treasure trove

For years now sisters Tineke and Judith Steenbrink, artistic directors of Holland Baroque, have championed the music of Benedictus à Sancto Josepho.
King opens year of monastery live in Brabant 09 February 2021

King opens year of monastery live in Brabant

The celebration year will be officially opened by King Willem-Alexander on February 10 where Holland Baroque will be playing. The opening will be broadcast via a livestream on the website of
New album: Polonoise! 11 December 2020

New album: Polonoise!

Holland Baroque is launching a new album on December 15: Polonoise. You can already order it, and we at Holland Baroque think: why not do that immediately?
Holland Baroque in the 04 June 2020

Holland Baroque in the "Culturele basisinfrastructuur"

The Council for Culture sees Holland Baroque as a tirelessly creative ensemble.
In memoriam Reinbert de Leeuw 15 February 2020

In memoriam Reinbert de Leeuw

We will miss Reinbert immensely. The unforgettable encounter with him made everything different.
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