Vocal pearls framed by virtuosic instrumental sonatas: ‘Il Trionfo della Musica’ features the heyday of seventeenth-century Italy. In addition to composers such as Monteverdi, Cavalli and their contemporaries, Holland Baroque will also perform songs by Leonard Cohen and Ella Fitzgerald. With this innovative ensemble, you can expect nothing else: for us, baroque is a way of life; not bound by place or time.

Together with soprano Elisabeth Hetherington, Holland Baroque promises to do exactly that for which it is highly regarded: amaze with the best of what the baroque has to offer. Baroque is now!

Elisabeth Hetherington recently received the Dutch Classical Talent Award. She has also been selected as artist in residence for the Dutch broadcaster Avrotros. High time for the adventurers of Holland Baroque to invite this sparkling soprano.

Order tickets for 26 Feb & 27 Feb

Saturday 26 Feb 20:15 Leeuwarden, Grote of Jacobijnerkerk
Sunday 27 Feb 14:30 Zeist, Evangelische Broedergemeente Zeist