Listen to ‘Bach Inspiriert‘ on Spotify. The idea for Bach Inspiriert began with Bach’s Königin, a previous program by Holland Baroque inspired by Bach’s organ works. In addition to concerts in the Netherlands and abroad, the program also appeared as an album on the Pentatone CD label. Judith Steenbrink says, “It often happens that when my sister Tineke and I are deeply engaged with something, we notice that the subject continues to fascinate us, even long after the tours are over. So, 17th-century Brabant repertoire has completely captivated Tineke. Telemann continues to attract me. Even after compiling and rewriting the repertoire for Bach’s Königin for the orchestra, we continued to explore that part of Bach’s oeuvre. Immersing yourself in the subject often leads to the realization that there is so much more to discover.” Bach’s Königin turned out to be the beginning of a new program.

Surprise yourself!

Bach Inspiriert, available for live listening and experience from Saturday, September 30th, to Monday, October 9th, promises a program full of festive Bach music.

We look forward to seeing you at Bach Inspiriert.

Tineke Steenbrink on this playlist: “There is so much to hear in and around Bach. Immortal Bach, for example: a choir singing a Bach chorale that slowly fades away like a watercolor, the choir lines lose themselves in space. The Improvised Prelude by Paolo Pandolfo on the Viola de Gamba: you almost feel at home with Bach. Vikingur Ólafsson playing Bach on a prepared piano, everything sounds just a bit different than you expect or know. Two harpsichords merging into one sonic field, so inspiring!”

Dante Jongerius: “We (the orchestra) actually do this quite often in preparation for a new program. Besides being very inspiring to create playlists, listening to different interpretations also helps with practicing and working towards a new program. It’s not only inspiring but also functional.”

Chloe Prendergast: “Delving into a new project is always inspiring, and with Bach, there are never-ending directions that this inspiration can go. I found it fun that the playlist that Tineke first sent me contained some of the same pieces that I also had immediately thought of when preparing for the upcoming tour. We hope this playlist serves as only a beginning in bringing you wherever Bach inspires you to go.”

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