Bach’s organ works are the starting point for Bach’s Königin inspiriert. Harpsichordist Tineke and violinist Judith Steenbrink, the beating heart of Holland Baroque, transformed his organ works to orchestral pieces. The pieces are playful, sometimes melancholic but mostly festive.

Johann Sebastian Bach was an unrivalled master of the organ. It is said that he played as virtuosically with his feet as with his hands. So it comes as no surprise that he wrote such inventive and wonderful pieces for ‘the Queen of Instruments’. Bach often reused his own pieces and the compositions of others, creating beautiful new works. Holland Baroque builds on this. Bach’s compositions go their own way, always looking at the richness of Bach’s great organ works, now played by Holland Baroque.

Inspired by organ works by Johann Sebastian Bach. Rewritten by Judith and Tineke Steenbrink.

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Compiled by Tineke Steenbrink together with violinist Chloe Prendergast and recorder player Dante Jongerius.

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Saturday 18 May 19:00 Münster (Duitsland), Observantenkirche
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