Periodic donations

You can also structurally support Holland Baroque. Holland Baroque has an ANBI status which also gives you a tax advantage. Your gift is fully deductible if you meet the following conditions:

  • You donate the same amount for at least 5 consecutive years
  • The annual donation is at least 250 euros
  • This periodic donation is recorded in a donation agreement
  • You get more than half back from the tax authorities through tax benefits
  • In the best-case scenario, this will cost you only 38% of the donated amount
  • You are automatically a Soulmate during the term of your regular donation
  • With a periodic donation of 1,000 euros per year or more, you are also automatically a Best Friend
  • In the event of death, the periodic donation stops automatically.

With the gift calculator you can easily calculate how much your gift costs and yields. More information and all the conditions can be found on the website of the tax authorities. Download here a donation agreement for periodic donations to Holland Baroque.


By including Holland Baroque in your will, you ensure that Baroque has a future. You can include Holland Baroque in your will in the following ways.

By naming Holland Baroque as (joint) heir in your will, you entitle Holland Baroque, together with any other heirs, to your estate. In addition, according to the provisions of the will, your property will be divided among all heirs. Inheritance arrangements subject to conditions – so that your personal wishes can be realized – are also possible.

You can state in your will that you leave a bequest to Holland Baroque. This is a provision that indicates that you will leave a fixed amount of money or a specific good (instrument, collection, land, shares, etc.) to Holland Baroque. For example, you could support young musicians in our Samama Fellowship. The size of the bequest does not depend on the total size of your estate.

Tax exemption
Up to 40% inheritance tax is levied on inheritance. Holland Baroque has an ANBI status and is therefore exempt from this inheritance tax, so that your contribution will benefit Holland Baroque in its entirety.

Practical information

More information? Please feel free to contact Luuk van Geffen (business director). You can do this via or +31 (0)6 1792 1418.

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