Luuk, who joined Holland Baroque in 2017, has played an important role in the progress and growth of the orchestra. In these years, Holland Baroque made the transition to the Basisinfrastructuur (BIS), which was an important development for the ensemble.

Luuk van Geffen
“Looking back on these inspiring and intense years, I will miss the musicians and my colleagues at the office enormously. I have given my full support to an adventurous orchestra with talented musicians. I look back on that with fulfillment and satisfaction. Now that Holland Baroque is preparing for the next period of future planning, it feels like a natural moment for me to change course. In my eyes, Holland Baroque is the orchestra for the future. In addition, the world of culture will continue to fascinate me!”

Tineke and Judith Steenbrink:
“We are grateful to Luuk for his unbridled effort and dedication in recent years. He worked tirelessly and energetically for the orchestra. We look back with gratitude on this time, where Luuk made the impossible possible, for example with the unforgettable project in Suriname and the bringing together of all Utrecht ensembles during Utrecht 900. On behalf of all musicians, we wish him every success in his next job.”

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