Christmas, Gospel and Baroque: The Birth of Gospel. This program features early hymns from the United States alongside English Christmas classics. We follow the path back to the first gospel songs and celebrate Christmas according to old traditions.

We have done everything we can to play ‘The Birth of Gospel’ live for you. It turned out differently. We now played this exciting meeting between gospel and baroque without an audience. The concert, which was recorded in TivoliVredenburg (Utrecht) on December 21, can be viewed here. We’ll keep playing!

Watch the free livestream of The Birth of Gospel here

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  • The concert can be viewed here until January 9th

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Gospel Baroque 2019

The opulence of the baroque and the swing of gospel meet in this exuberant Christmas program. The first gospel songs arose from the hymns that the immigrants brought over from Europe.

Judith Steenbrink: “Baroque is also the start of something new for us. In the beauty of our repertoire and in the meeting with our wonderful friends of London Community Gospel Choir, we find the freedom to create something new. We started out of interest in each other’s repertoire and here we are now: with a swinging program. Baroque and gospel are alive and kicking!”

 “An inspired, swinging and whirling evening.” ★★★★☆ (Volkskrant about Gospel Baroque 2019)

Birth of Gospel met Holland Baroque en London Community Gospel Choir
Birth of Gospel met Holland Baroque en London Community Gospel Choir
Birth of Gospel met Holland Baroque en London Community Gospel Choir
Birth of Gospel

London Community Gospel Choir (LCGC) is the flagship of gospel in Europe. The group was founded in 1982 at the initiative of Reverend Bazil Meade. They performed only once, but that one performance was so successful that it marked the start of more than 35 years of acclaimed concerts, recordings and international tours, still under the direction of that same Reverend Bazil Meade. This choir that uses the motto ‘go hard or go home’ is known for its rousing and heartfelt performances, interspersed with influences from funk, soul, rhythm and blues, all of course with the matching choreography that makes gospel so infectious. The LCGC has performed with artists such as George Michael, Liza Minelli, Madonna, Eric Clapton and Kylie Minogue.

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Sunday 26 Dec 15:00 Utrecht, TivoliVredenburg
Thursday 30 Dec 00:00
Sunday 09 Jan 00:00 Utrecht, TivoliVredenburg