Neapolitan composers provide exciting dialogues, flashy solos and energetic grooves for ensemble and soloist. The meeting between Giovanni Sollima and Holland Baroque provides a wealth of musical possibilities that are perfect for the cellist and the orchestra.

Cellist Giovanni Sollima is one of those exceptional musicians who effortlessly moves between the old and the new, through improvisations, ensemble playing and virtuosic solos.

Giovanni Sollima was previously a guest with Holland Baroque. The meeting was initiated by Maarten Mostert and his Cello Biennale. It soon became clear to us that we shared a musical spirit with this playful cellist.

Giovanni Sollima is a composer, cello activist and resource fanatic. He moves almost thoughtlessly between apparent extremes. From a protest by 100 cellos in a square in Italy to preserve a concert hall, he rushes to a library to decipher never-before-played repertoire. For him, they are not extremes, it is not an experiment; it is Sollima’s natural existence. He then writes a new piece at night. He starts with an idea and lets himself be carried away by his musical intuition.

Neapolitan folk music is dear to him. He is Mister Mediterrané and singing on the cello is his life. It starts with singing and ends in an indomitable dance. He does not wonder in which category his music fits. Pop music, minimalism, classical or folk music? He is music. His love for the cello as an instrument is no secret.

We recognize ourselves in Sollima’s curiosity and creative power and share his urge to rethink old notes. We look forward to sharing the stage with him again.

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Monday 07 Jun 20:00 Cologne, Germany, Kölner Philharmonie