Holland Baroque has a preference for sound artists for whom improvisation and composition are second nature. Wu Wei is such a musician. Incredibly virtuosic and passionate, Wu Wei has brought his instrument to all parts of the world as a true ambassador. The sheng is the extraordinary ancient Chinese mouth organ that evokes three thousand years of Chinese music culture and is a small wonder of harmony, melody, and rhythmic possibilities.

Holland Baroque and Wu Wei present an innovative program with a silky edge. ‘Silk Baroque is one of the most innovative albums of recent times. Surprising, colorful and played and arranged by fantastic musicians! ‘ (Music Frames, June 2019). Erik Voermans said about Silk Baroque in het Parool: ‘It is the seriousness and genuine interest in each other’s musical worlds that make this project a success. Silk Baroque forces you to put aside prejudices, and that is beautiful. “

Repertoire: Vivaldi, Bach, and Telemann, Chinese traditionals in arrangements of J. and T. Steenbrink.

Order tickets for 11 Jun & 12 Jun

Saturday 11 Jun 19:00 Leipzig (Duitsland), Bachfest
Sunday 12 Jun 16:30 Düsseldorf (Duitsland), Tonhalle