Every part of Telemann, the composer full of humour and imagination, virtuosity and poetry, is a miniature in itself. This concert will be full of 18th century gems. Spoil your ears with Airs, Hornpipes, Tambourins, Rigaudons and Murkys.

‘Polonoise’ is for curious listeners who want to discover a different side of Telemann. In this album, his sparkling inventions combine with the noble traditions of the Polonaise. Telemann’s Danse d’Polonie (TWV 45), in which he notated the dance music he heard during his stay in Poland, inspired the conception of this album. From the starting point of this manuscript,

A party built around Telemann.” (Leeuwarder Courant)

Holland Baroque explored how Telemann applied the Polish style in his own works. Telemann’s Polish concertos and dances sound more energetic than ever before. ‘Polonoise’ takes the listener on a journey to the wild nature of Poland with rolling mountains, pubs, and picturesque villages.

Order tickets for 16 Sep & 17 Sep

Friday 16 Sep 19:00 Belgrado (Servië), Katedrala Blažene Djevice Marije na Vračaru
Saturday 17 Sep 19:00 Novi Sad (Servië), Katedrala Imena Marijinog