Erik Bosgraaf is one of the best and most versatile recorder players in the world, and an enthusiastic ambassador for composers such as Bach and Telemann. He plays this repertoire as fluently as if it were created on the spot. This makes him the perfect soloist for Holland Baroque with a program full of baroque pearls. In ‘Baroque!’, experience burlesque finales, dreamy airs, virtuoso concerti; in short, all the beauty that the baroque has to offer.

Erik Bosgraaf is considered to be one of the world’s most virtuosic recorder players, and certainly the most adventurous. To Erik, his instrument is an inexhaustible source of inspiration, with endless possibilities. He improvises, plays jazz, utilizes electronics and likes working with people in other areas of artistic endeavors, such as cinematography. His repertoire extends from medieval music to Vivaldi’s Four Seasons to the music of tomorrow. For Erik there is no fundamental difference between historical and contemporary repertoire. He is of the opinion that ‘early music is always new’.

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Saturday 27 Aug 16:00 Batenburg, De Nieuwe Victorkerk
Saturday 27 Aug 20:00 Batenburg, De Nieuwe Victorkerk