Holland Baroque, together with five female soloists, presents the musical traditions of 17th-century monastic life in North Brabant. ‘Brabant 1653’ unveils hidden gems from Dutch musical history.

The central figure of this program is composer Benedictus à Sancto Josepho (1642-1716) who was associated with the Carmelite monastery in Boxmeer. Intrigued by this figure, who worked just around the corner from their hometown, Judith and Tineke Steenbrink set out to investigate. This is how they discovered the irresistible quality of his music and the surprisingly rich musical culture of which he was a part. This resulted in the beautiful new album ‘Brabant 1653’.

Hannah Morrison, Ana Vieira Leite/Deborah Cachet, Camille Allérat – soprano
Bethany Horak-Hallett, Patricia Silveira – mezzo-soprano

“Holland Baroque brings the solo and polyphonic songs to life with vibrancy and flexibility.” ★★★★☆ (Volkskrant)

In this program you will hear the music sung by a women’s choir as it might have sounded in the convents of the Clarissen te Megen and the sisters of Maria Refugie in Uden.

Tineke Steenbrink: “Mapping your own musical landscape is incredibly exciting. Judith and I grew up in Oeffelt, near Boxmeer. It is often mistakenly thought that the Netherlands in the 17th century, with the work of Sweelinck as the great exception, was a musical morass. We are touched by the individuality and expressiveness of this repertoire.”

Judith Steenbrink: “In the 1980s, musicologists including Frans Jespers, Frits Noske, and Rudolf Rasch did much to document musical life in the Netherlands. We think it’s important to bring this music to life again. Brabant 1653 is an enrichment of the musical canon of our country.”

>> Download the program booklet (dutch) with lots of background information

Order tickets for 7 – 14 October

Thursday 07 Oct 20:15 Den Haag, Nieuwe kerk
Friday 08 Oct 20:00 Cuijk, Sint-Martinuskerk
Saturday 09 Oct 20:15 Leeuwarden, Grote Kerk
Sunday 10 Oct 20:15 Utrecht, TivoliVredenburg
Tuesday 12 Oct 20:00 Berkel-Enschot, Abdij van Koningshoeven
Wednesday 13 Oct 20:15 Den Bosch, Klooster San Damiano
Thursday 14 Oct 15:00 Boxmeer, Congregatie Zusters van Julie Postel
Hoes Brabant 1653

Brabant 1653

Holland Baroque, together with six soloists, explores the monastic musical traditions of 17th-century North Brabant. Brabant 1653 reveals hidden gems from Dutch music history.