Judith Steenbrink

The Holland Baroque musicians are top-sensitive when it comes to chamber music. They are powerful performers who all have their own unique character. Although we come from all around Europe and have completely different backgrounds, we share the same spirit. It’s difficult to put into words; daring to take momentum, a shared feeling of where the music is going during a concert. But it’s more than that.

 We have become a family by now. Everybody is welcome to join and celebrate. It goes beyond genres like baroque, jazz or contemporary compositions. The point is that we succeed in telling the story when it counts, intense, impassioned and fully dedicated.

There are some musicians I really admire. The flexibility
of the bow hand, how the wrist moves in order to sound the strings. Beautiful! Our cellist Tomasz Pokrzywinski clearly defines Holland Baroque’s DNA in the way he plays. His bass lines are very driving and groovy, without being hurried. Nobody plays like him, he’s very recognizable, really one of a kind.

Music is intangible. If, at one time, you’ve managed to create the most beautiful thing together, it’s gone when the last tone has sounded and only the memory remains. After that, you don’t know if you will be able to repeat it like that the next time. No, you do know: it will never be exactly the same.
Judith Steenbrink
Judith Steenbrink
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