In this third concert series, ‘Polonoise’ will be played on September 16 in the Cathedral of the Virgin Mary in Belgrade and on September 17 in the Cathedral of the Name of Mary in Novi Sad. ‘Polonoise’ is for curious experiences who want to get to know Telemann from a different side. Telemann’s Polish concertos and dances sound more energetic than ever before. Telemanne develops the noble and proud tradition of the Polonaise with its typical quirky ideas. His manuscript ‘Danse d’Polonie’ (TWV45) was the reason for this album. In it he wrote down the dances he heard during his stay in Poland. From this collection, Holland Baroque describes how Telemann used the Polish style in his own works. ‘Polonoise’ takes the experience on a journey to the wild nature in picturesque Polish villages.

Telemann travels!

The international collaborative project ‘Europe, Be My Guest’ brings artists from Europe to Serbia. The project is sentient in the pandamiie, with a lot of embeligungungs and enthusiasm from both the organization and the invited artists.

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