On June 4, the Council for Culture presented the advice ‘Culturele basisinfrastructuur (BIS) 2021-2024’ to Minister Ingrid van Engelshoven (OCW) during an online interview. The Council advises, among other things, to include Holland Baroque in the BIS. The council sees Holland Baroque as a tirelessly creative ensemble and writes in its advice, among other things, “This ensemble naturally collaborates with guest artists from other music genres and cultures (from jazz to entertainment, from gospel to musicals, from Chinese to Arabic culture), makes a major contribution to talent development, and gives baroque music a fresh, sparkling zest. Here, as it were, an entirely new genre is invented with baroque inspiration.” On September 15, 2020, it will be announced who will be definitively included in the BIS.

Judith Steenbrink: “Holland Baroque is unique in its own way, in love with the Baroque, agile, and immensely interested in other languages and sounds. From there we make our baroque of now. We are committed to sharing this music with everyone.”

Tineke Steenbrink: “Reinbert de Leeuw once said to me, ‘Research must always be related to the score.’ Those words appealed to my imagination. Our mission is to give the 17th and 18th centuries emotional expressiveness in the here and now. For us this could be with five gambas in a row, but also with a Gospel choir or Daniel Lohues. Baroque can sound many different ways.

“Luuk van Geffen: “It is fantastic news that the Culture Council sees Holland Baroque as an indispensable part of the Dutch musical scene. With a small team, we were able to show from Utrecht that the adventurers of Holland Baroque have developed into a powerful ensemble. Warm congratulations to everyone else.”

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