During the Oranjewoud Festival, you can enjoy ‘Die Kunst der Fuge’, Bach’s unfinished swan song, in the paradise garden at the Oranjerie of the Estate Oranjestein; a mathematical work of art and at the same time a magical listening experience.

The fugues and canons in all their possible inversions have a timeless beauty. The exciting search for the possibilities in an intimate string ensemble with organ, and the pleasure of playing this wonderfully beautiful and poetic music makes this concert an experience not to be missed.

Violin: Judith Steenbrink, Katarina Aleksić
Viola: Emma van Schoonhoven
Cello: Majella Munz
Organ: Tineke Steenbrink

  • Meet Holland Baroque. During the festival, Lex Bolmeijer will talk with Judith and Tineke Steenbrink; the founders and artistic leaders of Holland Baroque (Salon II: ‘Holland Baroque on the talking chair’, Saturday, August 21, 3:00 PM).
  • Lover of Bach? In September, Holland Baroque will tour the Netherlands with the ‘Bach’s Königin‘ programme.

Order tickets for 20 – 21 August

Friday 20 Aug 17:00 Batenburg, Oude Sint-Victorkerk, Try-out
Saturday 21 Aug 13:30 Oranjewoud, Oranjewoud Festival
Saturday 21 Aug 18:00 Oranjewoud, Oranjewoud Festival