Commissioned by November Music Anthony Fiumara composed a new Requiem.

Performed by the Nederlands Kamerkoor (Netherlands Chamber Choir), Holland Baroque and the soloists Aart Strootman (electric guitar) and Ramon Lormans (percussion). All this led by the young French conductor Matthieu Romano.The Flemish actor and master narrator Peter De Graef analyzes the human soul with humor and compassion. The Den Bosch-based artist Marianne van Heeswijk is making a special artwork for this evening. The theatrical directors are Madeleine Matzer and Jur van der Lecq and the libretto is written by Désanne van Brederode.

Van Brederode about the libretto: “It’s about ways of dying – anonymous and alone, or in the depths of depression by one’s own hand, drowned during a flee, or grateful and conscious after a long life, or in despair, furious and afraid because someone suffers but still has so many plans … “

Conductor: Mathieu Romano
Soloists: Aart Strootman (electric guitar) en Ramon Lormans (percussion)

Bosch Requiem Anthony Fiumara & Nederlands Kamerkoor2017-11-02 20:30:00Theater aan de Parade‘s-Hertogenbosch