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Holland Baroque places baroque music in the here and now and makes new connections through the music world and beyond. From concert hall to pop venue, from chapel to outdoor festival: you can find Holland Baroque everywhere. Support us and connect with Holland Baroque.

Emergency fund during the pandemic

During the first lockdown we opened an emergency fund. With your donations we were able to support our musicians in this difficult time. As a friend of Holland Baroque, we know you care for the music and our musicians. Although the music world is gradually getting back on track, we would love for you to consider making a one-time gift to help alleviate the strain put on our musicians during this time.

Considering to support our musicians during this difficult time? Donate at Holland Baroque Society NL46RABO0156121891, BIC code RABONL2U, with ‘Support musicians’ as the message or donate direct via PayPal or iDeal.


Holland Baroque combines the richness of old musical traditions with contemporary working methods and thus gives new life to centuries-old music. Our work focuses on musicality, creativity and the power of connection, important concepts that we see too little of in today’s society. Do you recognize yourself in what we do? Will you help shape the future with us?

Corporate sponsoring

As a company, you can make an important contribution to the development and success of Holland Baroque. Support us and our projects with a financial contribution. You can sponsor us from 1,000 euros per year.

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The Other Club

Holland Baroque is working with you to found The Other Club from our home base in Utrecht. More on this soon.

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Baroque is now! Become a friend of Holland Baroque and support our daring projects. By doing this, you help to ensure the future of baroque music. Would you like to donate to a specific project, such as a CD, livestream or a private concert? Please contact us.

Yes, I’m going to be a Friend! For 50 euro

Become a Friend

For 50 euros per year, you can become a friend of Holland Baroque and receive invitations for our exclusive try-outs, and more.

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Yes, I’m going to be a Close Friend! For 250 euro

Become a Close Friend

For 250 euros per year, you contribute to the ambitions of Holland Baroque. You will be invited to the special summer concert and gatherings with the musicians.

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Yes, I’m going to be a Best Friend! For 1.000 euro

Become a Best Friend

For 1,000 euros per year, you are invited to be our special guest at various exclusive concerts and events.

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Donating and bequeathing

Help Holland Baroque continue playing forever by including Holland Baroque in your will or by donating periodically.

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