Monastic Christmas

A 17th-century Christmas Eve midnight mass

This is Christmas according to the 17th-century Dutch monastery tradition. The high female voices effortlessly resonate through the room as these Gregorian sounds create a bridge to centuries long past. We closely follow the lives of novices, sisters and monks and imagine ourselves in a 17th-century Christmas Eve midnight mass. 

Return to a world of monastic melodies framed by the silvery sounds of violins, gambas, and harps, which brings us the opulent sound of the baroque. 

Repertoire: Verrijt, Verdonck, Hollanders, Benedictus a Sancto Josepho and mottets from Cantionae Natalis in reconstructies by J. and T. Steenbrink.

Julie Thyana Roset - soprano
Ana Vieira Leite - soprano
Camille Allérat - soprano
Bethany Horack Hallett - mezzo soprano
Patrícia Silveira - alto
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