J.S. Bach: Die gesungene Kunst der Fuge

The Art of the Fugue, every note as written by Bach, rephrased by Harry van der Kamp.

Bach's own words inspired Holland Baroque and the Gesualdo Consort: “ allermeisten aber eine cantabile Art im Spielen zu Erlangen”, translated freely as: play the music as if you where singing it.

They share the stage during 'Die gesungene Kunst der Fuge': the vocal, instrumental version of 'Die Kunst der Fuge'. In the new version every fugue gets another instrumentation.

Singers and instrumentalists alternate or move musically around each other. This heavenly and intensely serene music will resonate in a new way. 'Die Kunst der Fuge', music for eternity.

Holland Baroque
Gesualdo Consort: 
Joowon Chung (soprano)
Lucie Chartin (soprano) 
Minho Jeong (counter tenor)
Marnix de Cat (counter tenor)
Charles Daniels (tenor)
Harry van der Kamp (bass)

Bach: Kunst der Fuge, BWV 1080
vocal arr. Harry van der Kamp,
instrumental arr. Tineke en Judith Steenbrink
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