Support our musicians

As a friend of Holland Baroque, we know you care about our musicians. That is why we are asking if you would consider making a one-off donation.

In March we started an Emergency Fund. Your response was heartwarming. The new COVID measures are drastic for everyone and it is becoming very quiet again in the Netherlands. Culture is missed immensely.

We are not able to finish our tour with Avi Avital. The concerts with Wu Wei in Cuijk, The Hague, Haarlem and Utrecht/De Meern have also been canceled. The concerts in December are at serious risk. This means a great loss of income for our musicians. As an international community, not all of our musicians live in the Netherlands and in other countries hardly any help is given to freelancers.

As a friend of Holland Baroque you care about the musicians. That is why we are asking you to consider making a donation to NL46RABO0156121891 in the name of Holland Baroque Society stating "Support musicians" as the message. You can also make your donation online via iDeal or Paypal.

Help our musicians get through this difficult period and donate now! We are grateful for your solidarity.

Judith Steenbrink about the Emergency Fund: "For our musicians it is so important that we commit to culture now, so that we can all experience it in person again soon."
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