Livestream cd-recording Holland Baroque

Between 20 and 22 August, Holland Baroque will record its latest CD. These recordings can be followed live via webcams.

'Nestcasting' by Holland Baroque
Telemann - Danse d’Polonie
20-22 augustus between 11:00 en 18:00
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In "Experience Spring" from BirdLife Netherlands, where webcams are placed in bird nests every spring, viewers experienced this year "an eventful season of beautiful and special highs, as well as sad and sometimes emotional lows.

Now that most of the birds have flown the nest, Holland Baroque dives into its own in Musis Arnhem. The orchestra built its nest there last season, though it had a strange end due to the corona crisis.No little owls, peregrine falcons, or storks in Holland Baroque, but musicians who come together in a studio to create a new sound with their most sensitive instincts. Teamwork versus solo virtuosity. Harmony versus tension. Without friction, there is no radiance.

While usually only the end result is visible, in this recording Holland Baroque will show the entire process.

You can follow the recording live from August 20 via our website

Location: Musis Arnhem
Label: Pentatone
Sound Engineer: Carl Schuurbiers
Repertoire: Telemann - Danse d'Polonie
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