Brabant 1653: livestream 28 februari

Holland Baroque with soloists Deborah Cachet, Céline Scheen, Alex Potter, Mirko Ludwig, Dominik Wörner and BJ Baartmans

Welcome to the presentation of our latest album 'Brabant 1653'.

The concert will take place in the Basilica of Saints Peter in Boxmeer and can be watched on February 28 at 8:00 PM (free) via the video on the right (at the bottom of this page for mobile users), YouTube and Facebook.

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Holland Baroque explores the monastic musical traditions of 17th-century North Brabant. 'Brabant 1653' reveals hidden gems from Dutch music history.

For years now, the sisters Tineke and Judith Steenbrink, artistic leaders of Holland Baroque, have stood up for the music of Benedictus à Sancto Josepho (1642-1716) and his contemporaries. This composer lived and worked in the Carmelite monastery of Boxmeer, literally a stone's throw from Tinekes and Judith's birthplace.

This album contains only a small selection from a very extensive oeuvre of Brabant's monastic repertoire. There is so much to discover. Listen to works by Benedictus à Sancto Josepho, Cornelis Verdonck, Carl Rosier, Herman Hollanders and Herman Finkers.

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