Tineke and Judith Steenbrink talk about their research from the organ bench of Benedictus à Sancto Josepho

On February 28, Holland Baroque will present its new album 'Brabant 1653' during a livestream. The album is the result of extensive research into insights around the unprecedented rich musical culture of North Brabant during the 17th century.

A key figure from this research is organist and composer Benedictus à Sancto Josepho, who was associated with the Carmelite monastery of Boxmeer, literally a stone's throw from Tinekes and Judith's birthplace.

Webinar: 23 februari 7:30 PM
On February 23, Tineke and Judith Steenbrink (artistic team) will give a webinar from the organ bench of Benedictus à Sancto Josepho in the basilica in Boxmeer. Judith Steenbrink: 'The nice thing about it is that from this somewhat sacred place, when it comes to the monastic musical traditions of 17th-century North Brabant, we can talk about what we have read so much about. It will mainly be Tineke explaining, because she is the one who plowed through many books for many months. '

You can attend the webinar via Zoom and YouTube. Via Zoom you can directly participate in the discussion and ask questions. This is only possible via YouTube via the online chat option. NB: Zoom is a widely used online platform for video conferencing and online meetings:

  • If you would like to attend the webinar via Zoom, please send an email to info@hollandbaroque and we will send you a link with instructions.
  • If you prefer to attend the webinar via YouTube, you can do so on February 23 at 19:30 via the video on the right (at the bottom of this page for mobile users). You can also use this link: .

On February 28, our new album Brabant 1653 will be broadcasted via a live stream. Click here for more information.

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Tuesday 23 February 19.30 hr
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