Holland Baroque meets Dorothee Mields

Holland baroque loves to share the stage with free spirits in order to create a paradise for curious people.

The Italian Marco Ambrosini is such a curious person. He plays the ‘nyckelharpa’, a Swedish instrument with keys and strings which is mostly used in folk music.

Ambrosini is not Swedish but he is an improviser and also perfectly at home with Baroque music: an unusual combination of a musician and his instrument. This versatile performer, with his feathery sound and picturesque improvisations, is the perfect musical dancing partner to the enchanting star soprano Dorothee Mields.

By playing music from 17th century bars and castles, Holland Baroque promises to do exactly what it is praised for: show that old traditions can create new stories. This unusual combination leads to colourful musical moments.

Dorothee Mieldssoprano
Marco Ambrosini nyckelharpa
Muziekgebouw aan 't IJ
Wednesday 6 February 20.15 hr
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