Holland Baroque meets Bastarda Trio

New interpretations of ancient music

The collaboration with Bastarda Trio is both obvious and unexpected. Not classical, not folk; genre blending on the clarinet, bass clarinet and cello, together with baroque instruments, inspired by the Middle Ages.

The Bastarda Trio (Poland) plays new interpretations of ancient music. Due to their personal view of old sources, they created a furore at festivals and on stages in no time at all.

A Polish trio that has existed for such a short time and has hardly been heard outside of Poland? Holland Baroque's cellist Tomasz Pokrzywiński is the secret asset. He is the driving force behind Bastarda Trio and has also been invaluable in Holland Baroque for many years.

We are curious about this meeting where open interests towards each other's repertoire will be the driving force behind this new program.
Intra Muros Festival
Bilzen, Belgie
Kasteel Alden Biesen
Saturday 10 July 20.00 hr
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