Holland Baroque and Wu Wei

(Cancelled) In 2018, Holland Baroque shared the stage with Wu Wei. The sheng improviser got so enthusiastic he invited Holland Baroque the year after on a tour through China.

Wu Wei is a contemporary musician who comes from an ancient tradition. It’s no coincidence his sheng case has a sticker on it that says: ‘Good things stay, new things arrive’. Holland Baroque totally agrees with Wu Wei’s view of life. Ancient Chinese traditions are interwoven with baroque elements and improvisations. Old music does not exist; the music is only finished when you play it. We look forward to a new meeting with this incomparable sound virtuoso.

The in 2019 recorded CD 'Silk Baroque' is the first CD in the new collaboration between Holland Baroque and the international record label Pentatone. Check our webshop for more information.

Wu Wei - sheng

Purcell, Bach, Vivaldi, Telemann, and Chinese traditionals
Düsseldorf, Duitsland
Sunday 29 March 16.30 hr
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