Early Music Festival

Concerti by Francesco Durante (1684-1755). Date: Wednesday, 28 August, 2019

Durante: the Neapolitan Bach. A dedicated teacher (of Pergolesi, among others) with a rich oeuvre of religious music in particular. He lived a simple life, which was visible in his plain clothing. This description is at odds with his music, which was already praised in its time for its sensitive counterpoint and Durante for being “the greatest harmonist in Italy". His music is characterized by diversity in form, harmony and melody. In everything a perfect fit for Holland Baroque. Durante's concerti let the strings cry, laugh, and dance to the most immersive Neapolitan harmonies.

Program: Concerti by Francesco Durante (1684-1755)

Date: Wo 28 Aug, 2019 
Location: Utrecht, Geertekerk

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Early Music Festival
Utrecht, NL
Wednesday 28 August 17.00 hr
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