Forgotten Christmas

A homage to the most beautiful forgotten Christmas pearls. Both intimate and magistrate, with piety and cultured liturgy.

NRC: 'Giving old notes new life, that is the holy grail.'

Holland Baroque traverses through Europe, dives into the heritage of monasteries, chapels and cathedrals and shines new light on the most beautiful, forgotten Christmas pearls from the 17th century. From the Notre Dame of Strasbourg and the Cathedral of Tours, the journey continues via the Basilica of Clermont-Ferrand to the Carmelite convent in Boxmeer. During this scavenger hunt for 17th-century Christmas music, musical treasures will sound that with their expressiveness and beauty garantee an unforgettable Christmas concert.

The focus in this concert is on five renowned singers who, for one moment sound together in intimate five-part motets and thereafter perform a virtuoso solo. While surrounded by Holland Baroque in a rich instrumental ensemble that includes the stars of the award-winning CD Carrousel Adam Woolf on trombone and Lambert Colson on cornetto.
A homage to the most beautiful forgotten Christmas pearls.

Music by Guillaume Bouzignac, Philipp Friedrich Böddecker, Andreas Oswald, Benedictus Buns and other lesser known masters of the Baroque.

Sophie Junker (soprano)
Jowoon Chung (soprano)
Franz Vitzthum (tenor)
Jan van Elsacker (tenor)
Dingle Yandell (bass)

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Christmas concert 2016

Sint Bartholomaeuskerk
Saturday 16 December 20.15 hr
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